Message from the CEO


Welcome to the Tanzania Public Service College (TPSC), the staff college of public service of Tanzania and highly renowned management institute and leading trainers of office support, management and public administration programmes. The college offers a holistic and dynamics educational experience through interactive, and innovate approach, demand driven curricula, well qualified and dedicated staff.
Through international networked and strategic partnership with well-known institutions, the college offers various programmes in line with the needs of the public service and the public at large ranging from short courses of one day to long term courses lasting for two years.
We are determined to produce competence graduate, develop critical thinking skills, dynamic and proactive people with global perspectives and matched needs with performance oriented.
We understand your desire to pursue academic Excellence coupled with personal growth and we’re fully committed to your all-round development. I invite you to discover through this website how we can help you embark on an exciting and Life learning journey.
I would like to assure you that the decision you made to join the college was a wise decision and you will finding a learning environment very enriching and desirable for the public service and prospective candidates for the public service.