Department of Human Resource Management

The department of human resource at TPSC Mtwara campus is headed by the Human Resource manager. Its major role is to ensure the good human resource and administration practices are practiced by the college. Further breakdown of roles include:
  • Foreseeing Institutional Vision and Mission by carrying strategic human resource planning
  • Ensuring good governance and administration is practiced by the college by managing good governance systems / organization structure, coordinating performance management and protocol matters, and preparing human resource development plan
  • Foreseeing institutional integrity by developing human resource policies, and interpreting labor laws, policies and other work regulations
  • Ensuring institutional effectiveness by managing systems and communications in the organization
  • Managing students and developments by coordinating change initiatives
  • Managing the college physical resources such as fixed assets, allocation of offices and accommodation, managing office, office equipment and supplies, AND
  • Managing all staffs including teaching and supporting staffs by coordinating recruitment/replacement process, and coordinating the administration of TNA data collection instruments

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